A Complete Outsourced Marketing Department

Strategy, Implementation, Impact

“You can’t afford to hire me, but you also can’t afford to hire someone with minimal experience who doesn’t know what to do and has to be managed. With Punching Nun Group (PNG) you get an “adult” executive for the cost of a low level manager.”
*Def. Adult (noun): A mature resource that’s been there/done that in your industry versus a kid right out of school that uses your project to “learn the business” –not cool!

The Nun Speaks: “Tactics without strategy are a waste of time and money! Good marketing starts with understanding your buyer, your market and your corporate objectives. Once that’s established every activity should tie back to the overall strategy.”
PNG offers a unique business model that delivers executive-level strategy and significantly lower costs for both marketing headcount and purchases. This “fractional marketing executive model” is an excellent fit for a company in a growth stage or transition where capital conservation is a critical yet the need to build a market presence is equally important.With PNG, companies have the best of both worlds to support any activity that a fully staffed marketing department and agency deliver. Our “pay as you go model” discounts costs 50% or more on everything from PR support, design, and lead generation programs etc. And, PNG also delivers executive level strategic support that becomes part of your management team. You pay for what you need when you need it.

PNG also provides complete market planning, go-to-market strategies and even business plan development delivered by an adult* with 20 plus years of experience on your side of the table with a stable of professional adult vendors to support any requirement eliminating the overhead of an agency and/or risk of pulling program components together internally.

Marketing and Business Planning


  • Complete marketing plan strategy documents as well as business planning services to support fund raising, acquisition activities

Branding Projects


  • CompleteRebrand research and internal development strategy consulting
  • CompleteDesign support for corporate and product mark and logo
  • CompleteComplete branding package design including business cards, sales materials template, presentation templates, letterhead, note cards etc

Web Site Development


  • CompleteConsider web site overhaul to a more modern persona minimizing content and improving impact to appeal to both potential partners, the media and prospects
  • CompleteContent development
  • CompleteDesign resources
  • CompleteInteractive content and functionality such as product overview videos and tours in both live and “cartoon” formats

Content Development


  • CompleteInterview keys stakeholders, develop copy
  • CompleteCreate design templates for case studies, sales sheets, white papers, etc
  • CompleteLayout content in desired format and including digital formats

Video Production


  • CompleteCreate creative and visually interesting videos including cartoon and live formats
  • CompleteDevelop script, work with vendors based on price point and style requested and incorporate video into digital marketing program

View our new video production gallery.

Sales Support Tool Box


  • CompleteCreation of product Information content
  • CompleteCustomize information targeting each target prospect group
  • CompleteWhite paper development on key topics
  • CompleteCase studies sorted by customer type, physician type
  • CompleteProposal Development (content for static sections)

Trade Show Support


  • CompleteOrganization of annual schedule
  • CompleteDevelopment of portable and ship/set-up booth components including high impact graphics
  • CompleteRecommendation for Tchotchkes for sales support and trade show use as well as lead gen strategies to boost ROI

Media Placement


  • CompleteDevelop media plan
  • CompleteContract media
  • CompleteIdentify creative options – Thought Leadership, sponsorships, executive forums, sponsored webinars, etc.

Lead Generation


  • CompleteIdentify digital mediums to support sales and visibility objectives
  • CompleteDevelop creative for placement
  • CompleteWork with sales to support direct email strategy to drive leads directly and through web site
  • CompleteMonitor and measure results
  • CompletePartner with industry trade organizations for sponsored webinar opportunities to benefit from large audience base and credibility with readers

Industry Partnerships


  • CompleteReview existing relationships and scan for additional opportunities
  • CompleteIdentify additional partners such to support channel sales, lead generation and execute co-marketing activities

Social Media


  • CompleteDevelop high impact LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profile for company and individuals
  • CompleteReview web site for SEO enhancements
  • CompleteDevelop blog strategy and content to support a push strategy
  • CompleteIncorporate LinkedIn, Twitter and Web site into a post and respond strategy to support driving attention and respect toward company as retail expert in patient admission space
  • CompleteBuild follower base on all sites

Public Relations


  • CompleteDevelop targeted media list with both local business media as well as national trade publications
  • CompleteSupport media tours to introduce executives to target publications and reporters
  • CompleteAnnounce partnerships, new hires, product enhancements, speaking opportunities etc
  • CompleteIncorporate PR efforts into comprehensive lead gen strategy

Sales Support


  • CompleteTurnkey management of SalesForce (or any sales automation tool) including organization, implementation and lead distribution
  • CompletePlug-in a market nurturing solution like ActOn and manage your lead generation activities proactively tracking where a lead is interacting with your company
  • CompleteDesign and turnkey management of lead nurturing programs