The Case: RiseHealth

The Case: RiseHealth (

Client: RiseHealth
Industry: Population Health
Location: Chicago, IL

  • In just 1 month, rebrand company, determine product brand strategy and launch new web site
  • Create content for product offerings that clarifies offer and differentiates Rise from other population health companies
  • Take Rise from unknown to strong competitor to support fund raising and sales efforts


  • Create a new image without changing the name
  • Define and package product offerings in a clear manner
  • Create a product video that describes who they are and what they do
  • Launch an aggressive content marketing program generation more than 500 leads in less than 6 months

Before (hover) & After (pictured)

Mark Crockett
Mark Crockett
Chief Executive Officer, RiseHealth

Amanda was a great provider for Rise; she took charge of the project and shepherded our people through their commitments and created first class work. I appreciate her work and would most assuredly hire her for future work.

The Work

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