The Case: IngagePatient

The Case: IngagePatient (

Client: IngagePatient
Industry: Healthcare IT
Location: Gainesville, FL

  • Name no longer fits solution
  • Fresh look for newly funded company


  • Maintain symmetry with former mark but refresh and expand brand
  • Develop naming convention tied to primary benefit and hot industry term
  • Present company as bigger, more sophisticated player
  • Generate leads through aggressive content marketing program

Before (hover) & After (pictured)

Justin L. Neece
Justin L. Neece
Chief Operations Officer, IngagePatient

Amanda Cecconi is an outstanding strategic marketing leader who delivers superlative results. Amanda brings deep domain knowledge of the healthcare industry, a creative yet articulate approach to story building, and a practical operating methodology to market launch that demonstrates high impact results quickly.

IngagePatient has witnessed tremendous results because of Amanda’s commitment to excellence. Amanda is truly dedicated to her customers. I highly recommend Amanda Cecconi as a Marketing Leader.

The Work

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