The Case: IKS Health

The Case: IKS Health (

Client: IKS Health
Industry: Global RCM Provider
Location: Los Angeles, CA

  • Update the brand and make company more approachable
  • Clarify the company‚Äôs expanding product offering and position against competitors


  • Develop and apply corporate rebranding
  • Develop new messaging and product organization
  • Launch updated web site

Before (hover) & After (pictured)

Par Bolina, MD
Par Bolina, MD
Chief Medical Informatics Officer

You may have planned and expected such a remarkable outcome but I certainly did not realize where your efforts would take us. Looking back it is almost impossible to believe we could have evolved to the present in such a short period of time. The gratitude I feel for the accomplishments of your effort will continue to grow for the years to come and I will continue to shake my head in some disbelief at how the caterpillar became a butterfly.

The Work

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