About Punching Nun

You have a good idea but we know how to formalize your concept into a solid, actionable business strategy that is easily understood by your key stakeholders. Yes, young MBA’s working for larger consulting firms can do the job but Punching Nun Group is like renting a CEO and Chief Marketing Officer with real experience in your industry.

Your organization gains in regard to rapid project turn-around and high impact documentation and overall affordability—you can’t afford to hire us but you can afford to rent us for your project. PNG provides the strategy, and support to facilitate implementing the plan and even finding executives to ensure that the program is successful.

Daughters of Charity by Karol Tichy

The Story Behind The Nun

When I was with Ascension Health, the nations largest not-for-profit healthcare system, I met some amazing people. I’m a businessperson and a serial entrepreneur so this was not typical (or even comfortable) but it was extremely enlightening. Beyond developing a deep understanding of women’s health, the operational challenges of the hospital environment and the nuances of affiliated physician practices I found something else.

I discovered that I developed a real affinity and camaraderie with the few remaining nuns involved in senior management. They were humble, focused, patient-centered and mission driven, making them invaluable servant-leaders. They were bold in terms of doing the right thing and identifying creative ways to manage costs and improve service.

As I re-launched my consulting practice I could think of nothing more appropriate than honoring those women and yet incorporating my own sense of humor. When I approached my business partners with the concept they were a bit wary but acknowledged that it was memorable and would raise interest and questions.

Admit it, you were wondering…

Amanda Cecconi, Founder & Managing Partner

My career began in the early 1990’s with the leap from MBA program to Ford Motor Company. After seven years of experience with the manufacturing and then financial organizations I was ready to transition from finance to the product/marketing functions. After a few years with Cendant, I found that I had a real desire to try my hand at start-up organizations. I was baptized by fire with one of the first DSL companies that targeted SMB’s. We opened 60 cities with a full-scale sales and marketing assault, stressful but fun.

During my career I was blessed (and at times cursed) by being a key member in the launch of several healthcare, technology and telecom start-ups. In addition, I did a stint as the first Women’s Health Service Line Executive at Ascension, spent some time in Saudi Arabia and helped launch one of the first healthcare cost transparency solutions. Through those experiences I developed skill in creating new business models, communication opportunities, generating leads, launching new products, branding companies and dabbling in new forms of social media.

It’s been said that my sense of humor permeates everything I do. I’ve always been able to provide results, but there’s no reason not to enjoy the process. Having worked with Fortune 500, growth and start-up organizations across several industries developing marketing and sales strategies I have had the ability to rapidly understand and implement what the client needs to create immediate impact. Punching Nun Group is a response to what most of my colleagues have suggested as a next step. I believe I was born to consult. I also believe in the servant leadership model taught by the nuns who created Ascension.

I funded my education with basketball and academic scholarships earning a bachelor’s degree in Economics from St. Vincent College, Latrobe, Pennsylvania and an MBA with a marketing concentration from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. I am honored to serve on the board of several non-profits as well as Saint Vincent College.

Sloane Scott, Partner

I’ve been working alongside startups and brands for over 20 years. An entrepreneur at age 13, I started my first company, Dinner, which led to a great career in celebrity restaurant management with Lettuce Entertain You and Levy Restaurants-and lure of the entertainment business led me to Nashville. In the early 90’s I discovered the power and influence of this thing they called the internet. A series of moves later, I landed a spot on the Herman Miller rebrand team and developed my philosophy-simple works

After teaching myself to code, I joined echomusic, leading the brand experience team while helping land some of the company’s earliest data and artist content sponsorship deals. I then co-founded the G7 Entertainment Marketing Group and the Digital Experience Group, boutique digital and brand agencies under the Project Worldwide umbrella. During my tenure, I co-created the company’s social media practice. Working with teams across the country, we added social media strategy to large-scale events-Dreamforce, EA at E3, Cisco Live as well as several branded concert tours. I then co-founded FLO.CO, a venture studio, where I led the business and brand strategy for Blue Chair Bay Rum, The Made In Network, Google for Entrepreneurs (G4E) and several others. As a 2X cancer survivor, I turned a personal fight with cancer into a mission and joined Narus Health, a palliative care startup, creating, crafting and managing the brand as we moved from concept to reality. I brought a patient point of view to our go to market strategy and created the company’s tagline; Your Life. Your Way.

I’ve now turned those years of experience towards helping others find their competitive edge. As a partner with Punching Nun Group, I provide rapid brand and business model assessments. From your brand messaging to your product suite to owning your social voice, I work strategically to serve as one extension of your team.

I have a servant heart, love dogs, shoes, and cooking. I drive a muscle car and listen to 80’s rock music. I am a movie junkie and sit on the board of the Belcourt Theatre.