Project YOU

A new client joined the ranks of PNG this month and as I typically do—when I see something really interesting that I know they’ll relate to—I send them a link. A post caught my eye this morning; a presentation on SlideShare by Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha called Start-up of You. Any PPT that kicks-off with the requisite cave man analogy morphing into European basketball is certain to catch my eye.

The ol’ “differentiate or die” story is really coming home to roost for many of us in our mid-life. For thousands of the sandwich generation reinvention of ourselves is not just a cool idea we’ll get to one day—it’s an economic necessity. There are lots of us out there, milling about, looking for a way to get kids through college, take care of our parents and still retain some hope of a few days at the beach before we don’t remember anymore. Ok, that’s depressing! The point is that with years of experience (or as they comment in the preso hopefully not 1 year done 25 times) we know a few thing about what we like, what we do not like and what we are relatively good at after a few decades of hammering in the salt mine of adulthood. The suggestion is that we are all innately entrepreneurs (even the drones at Dunder Mifflin recognize the misery of their pathetic work lives and seek more).
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