A Real “Punching Nun”

I got to head back to college this weekend for the 25th reunion of the class of 1987 at St. Vincent College, a Benedictine Monastery and liberal arts college nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountain range in Western Pennsylvania. The school became co-ed in what would have been my freshman year after 150 years of just men, monks and seminarians. I transferred to SVC from William & Mary. I did that all on my own and my parents were none too happy with me until last Friday evening when I was given an alumni of distinction award and they forgave me for good. I think we are all in agreement that things worked out fairly well. I was asked to detail some memories from those couple of years spent in a place that my children say looks like Hogwarts. There were only eight Econ majors in my class and I was the only woman (ok–girl). Continue reading