89 Business Clichés that will Get an MBA Promoted And Make Them Totally Useless or “Bid-ness’isms”

Eric Johnson’s hilarious summary of the top 89 Business Cliches made me laugh out loud—more than a few times.  What really stood out (as I created the mental check list of the ones I’m embarrassed to say I’ve used in the past, ok, just a few days ago) are the number of sports, finance, military and Home Depot-type references.  What does this tell you? Women did not create this stuff, but at times we help to perpetuate it.

During my seven years with Ford Motor Company I continually watched young, male MBAs (I was one of the few females in finance) catch wind of the latest business book reference or cliché referenced by their manager and in less than 30 minutes, somewhere near the water cooler, you’d hear it repeated by a an upwardly mobile finance program trainee.  Oh how I’d cringe! I was a serious tomboy in my youth so the sports stuff came naturally–so I did know what they were talking about most of the time. Now that I’m aging, a whole new collection of clichés are rearing their ugly heads meant to ensure that us old folks sound relevant… Let’s stop the madness!

I’d like to nominate the following for extermination (ok, let’s just get rid of the entire 89), starting with these: Continue reading