Sh*t Entrepreneurs Say

Jeff Haden has captured some hilarious truth in a recent article in “Inc” focused on things that entrepreneurs says Sh*t Entrepreneurs Say. After years of working in start-ups as an employee and a consultant I have to admit he’s nailed it. With Steven Jobs passing the business world seems pretty caught up in finding a new model for figuring out the path to the Holy Grail.
Perhaps it’s age, but I have to tell you what our folks hammered into our undeveloped brains is better advice than most of what I heard in graduate school or certainly more useful than the current crop of entrepreneurs. I’m a big fan of basic blocking and tackling.

Most of what I share with my clients isn’t something new out of the latest “6 Steps to Success” book. Don’t get me wrong, I do read and still have the capacity to learn but the path to success for any start-up is paved with hard work. There’s just no way around that. A culture that doesn’t promote working smarter doesn’t benchmark based on results and views itself as too “groovy” is going to fail.

Some of my favorite comments from Haden are the following (with my take on what they really mean):

“R & D is only for people who don’t have a clear vision.”

It’s ok to pave a new channel but research to validate that your product has the same value to your target client as it does to you is critical. Sometimes you just love your baby more than anyone else…